Multiple Treatments Required


Multiple Treatments Required

There are several factors that will dictate how many sessions are required to achieve good results. A few of these factors include skin type, hair color, hair density, hair follicle diameter and type of laser being used. While a person with low hair density, light skin and dark hair may respond quickly to laser hair removal, achieving results after just a couple treatments, a person with thicker hair will or darker skin tone (lasers typically must be set to lower energy for darker skin) may require more sessions.

While the number of treatment varies from person to person, on an average, everyone requires at least three treatments for good results. This is typical because while all hair is temporarily disabled during each treatment, not all of the hair follicles are removed. Hence, a sequence of treatments is necessary in order for results to become apparent. Overall, most people do not require more than six treatments, though people with hormonal imbalances or people who normally wax or pluck a lot may require more sessions.

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