Laser Hair Removal Effective for Underarms

Underarm laser hair removal is a common procedure for patients seeking to remove unwanted under arm hair. Each pulse of laser light removes the unwanted hair in the underarm region. The laser targets those hairs which are in their growth phase, and as hairs go through cycles, multiple sessions may be needed to remove all hair permanently.




A Quick Procedure

Since this is usually a small area to treat (armpits), removal of underarm hair is one of the fastest procedures in laser therapy, requiring only several minutes of treatment time. The procedure is generally without much pain.For more specific information, visit: bikini hair removal, facial hair removal, underarm hair removal, back hair removal, leg hair removal, chest and abdominal hair removal, arm hair removal, laser hair removal costs or our FAQs.



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Hair Removal Cost Calculator

Generic pricing information is almost always inaccurate and can range from $100-$2000. Your costs can be much lower based on your personal details and where you live. Use the calculator below to get better estimates per session.

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