Back Hair Removal

Back Hair Removal

Back Hair is Unsightly, but Treatable

Hair on the back can be more than just an aesthetic issue. Occasionally the hair can become irritated, and itchy, and the hair follicles may become infected. The discomfort is worsened with exercise, warm weather and associated sweating.

The hair presentation can vary from very dense to sparse. Either way, laser hair removal can be extremely helpful in reducing, or eliminating, undesired hair. As with other areas of the body, the type of laser used must be chosen and applied to the patient carefully to receive the maximum potential outcome. Physician offices that have the greatest experience in the field are most likely to be sufficiently knowledgeable in selecting and treating with the appropriate laser or light source.




Waxing & Shaving Not as Effective

Other options, such as shaving, waxing and using depilatory creams, have limitations on the back. Since the back is difficult to reach, the help of an assistant is almost always necessary when shaving or applying depilatory creams. Of these three hair removal approaches, waxing offers the longest time for hair-free skin–lasting several weeks. But waxing the back can be irritating to skin, which can even result in pigmentation of the skin and, of course, can be a fairly uncomfortable means of back hair removal.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal for Back Hair

Laser hair removal for back hair may not be perfect, but there are important advantages for every patient. Several potential lasers and light sources are available, each having a specific benefit for the patient, depending on the patient’s skin color, hair color, hair thickness and hair density. Those physician offices offering the greatest selection of lasers, and other light sources, will increase the likelihood of having the best choice for the patient and the best final outcome.

One laser session can cover the whole back and is relatively well tolerated by the patient. In four to six treatment sessions a permanent reduction in the majority of hair can be achieved. With continued treatments, most hair may become permanently smaller or totally eliminated. Even those patients with thicker, coarse hair may have a significant permanent thinning of the diameter of many of the hairs, in addition to achieving a reduction in hair density. Those back hairs that remain may be much less of a concern to the patient. This is especially important to those patients who have recurrent irritation from their back hair. The use of the laser, and other light sources, have allowed for real advances in back hair removal techniques for most patients.



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