Laser Bikini Hair Removal

Laser Bikini Hair Removal

Getting a perfect, smooth shave on your legs is hard enough. Trying to do the same for your bikini line can be significantly trickier. We suggest dropping the razor, skipping the wax (ouch), and instead, opting for a much more reliable option – laser bikini hair removal.




Bikini Lines and Lasers

If you’re wondering why you should opt for laser treatment versus your tried and true razor, lasers reduce or eliminate razor bumps and redness. And let’s face it; the bikini line is a sensitive area, prone to post-shave irritation or worse, ingrown hairs – not exactly aesthetically pleasing.

The bikini area is also prone to inflammation and infection of the hair follicles. Not only does this mean dealing with the discomfort and inflammation mentioned above, but you might also end up with secondary hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) as a result of the irritation. Luckily, lasers are not only helpful in reducing or eliminating hair growth; they can diminish or even stop all of those other frustrating problems brought on by razors and other hair removal methods.

The New Standard of Smooth

When it comes to bikini lines and hair removal, the more accurate, smooth and long-lasting the results, the better most of us are going to feel. Skimpier bathing suits, barely-there lingerie and even jeans that leave little to the imagination mean even more need for a perfectly hair-free bikini area (and beyond). While razors may have been an option at one time, today’s standard of smooth is a lot higher – something only lasers can accomplish. “Although other forms of hair removal–such as electrolysis, depilatory creams or the infamous ‘Brazilian’ wax can be used, each has its own limitations as to effectiveness, ease of use and pain level,” says Dr. Eric Bernstein, director of the Main Line Center for Laser Surgery. “In three to six treatments, bikini laser hair removal may accomplish a permanent reduction in the majority of hair.”


What to Think About

Laser hair removal of the bikini area depends on several factors, including hair color, skin color, hair strand thickness and density. All of these factors will be evaluated by your physician before treatment to help ensure you get the most appropriate laser system and the best results. The key is to find a professional you trust, who has a good reputation. “Remember lasers are medical devices that need a high level of expertise to be used safely,” warns Dr. Bernstein. “Physician offices specializing in these procedures increase not only effectiveness but also the safety of the procedure.”

The Bottom Line

Worried about lasers as a hair removal method? Don’t be. The procedure is quick, painless cost-effective and most importantly, it works. Even if any hair does remain, it’s much sparser and less noticeable than before treatment. Lasers are fast becoming the go-to method of creating a smooth, hair-free bikini area for women of all ages.

Bikini hair removal doesn’t have to be a chore. By opting for lasers as your go-to treatment you’re ensuring smooth skin minus the irritation, upkeep and continual appointments of other, less-effective options.



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