The At-Home Device for No! more shaving, No! more pain, and No! more hair

At Home Hair Removal

Not A Razor or Laser but a Long Term Hair Control Device.

No!No!® – Thermodynamic Hair Removal

The No!No!® device is an at-home device which removes hair with heat. It utilizes a thermodynamic wire to heat individual hairs and remove them. According to the manufacturer the treatment produces slight pain. The cost of the No!No!® runs $250 and is available at various retailers. The No!No!®comes with 5 disposable “Hot Blades”, which according to the No!No!® website is good for about three months worth of use. After that, you must purchase more blades for $21.

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Treatment with No!No!®

The No!No!® should not be used on genitals, breasts, or facial skin. This may cause damage to the skin and is definitely not recommended. The device can be used on light to dark skin. First the skin must be clean and dry. The manufacturer supplies two different “Hot Blades”, one for hair between 2-3mm in length and another for short hair, around 1mm in length. After inserting the correct hot blade and plugging the device in, you may begin the treatment.

First hold the No!No!® at a right angle and make contact with the skin. There is a signal light which will indicate if you are using it correctly (it will turn green if you are using it correctly, red if not). If the light turns red you may need to check the device and/or replace your hot blade.

As you slowly pass the device over your skin you may notice a slight smell of burnt hair. This is normal.

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