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A Series of Treatments Needed

Laser hair removal is accomplished in a series of sessions generally done monthly or every other month. The average number of sessions to achieve over 80 percent permanent hair reduction in 80-90 percent of good candidates is approximately 4 to 7 sessions.

In between these monthly sessions some of the hair will regrow as hairs cycle. Hairs that may have been dormant during your previous laser hair removal session may now be in the growth phase. This is where the need for multiple treatment sessions arises. Multiple sessions ensures that all the hairs are subjected to the treatment. These hairs may be shaved by the patient between sessions if desired.

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Some Maintenance Sessions may be Required Annually

Many patients find that maintenance sessions done once or twice a year are ideal for keeping hair at bay after completing the initial treatment protocol.

In a minority of patients who are good candidates hair loss may only be temporary and complete regrowth may occur. The complete regrowth is generally seen in white or blond haired patients.

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